To the one who I lost,

To the one who I lost,

Firstly I wanna tell you that I love you Mom. So much that it hurts. I cry every single day remembering you. Actually your memories are the ones that hurt me the most. Our small trips here and there. Your smile, your voice, your face. The way you used to eat, sneeze, cough and everything. I miss the smile ma a lot. It’s the thing I long for. I can feel your presence though. It’s like you’re still there watching over me.

These past days, I have heard that I have to be happy all the times and not mourn over you cause you are really watching over me. What I don’t understand that when people die, the soul leaves the body. And the soul never remembers it’s past life. It does even remembers it gender. So will you remember me mum???  But somehow I hope and pray that you remember mom. That a small tiny part of you do. Just like how I am missing you. And I will cry mom because it helps. It helps to release the pent up stress, anger and hurt. I hope you don’t mind that. Actually I know you won’t. Because only you mom, only you will understand.

Maybe in this life time or other, whenever I meet you you’ll recognize me. I can just hope for it ma. And hope I will.

God must be keeping you in a happier place, because if not. I don’t know what I will do. I pray for it though. Every single time. One more thing ma, even if you remember me or not, don’t ever cry. I have been praying that all the happiness comes your way wherever you are. And that not once he shall make you cry.

You know people take everything for granted when they are used to someone or something. It’s only when that thing is taken away from you, you realize it’s true value. I am not an exception in that case. I did took you for granted. We would fight and argue. And now I regret it. I regret some words that I knew would hurt you. Anger mum, it was all anger. Now I understand what you once said, “Anger does makes the demons inside you come out. And God forbid, when it does it becomes strong and empowers you, consume you as a whole.”

Anyways, for me you were the most beautiful person in this entire universe. I never said it but I love you. I always have and I always will. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to love someone as much as I love you. The first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning and the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep is you Mom. Sadly, I can never call someone Mom now. Even if my mother in law will be like a mother to me but she won’t be the one who went through the pain of holding a fetus in her womb for 9 long months. She won’t be the one who gave away everything of hers just for me. You were the first one who made me realize what true and selfless love really is. You were the first one I saw when I opened my eyes for the first time. I said ma for the first time when I could speak. And you were longing to hear that word. Weren’t you mother??? It was love. A love so pure that even the God can’t compete with it.

Sometimes, I feel so helpless. So lost. I wish I could bring you back. Yes I am living mom. But it’s like a life without love. A life without you. Dead yet alive.

I miss you mum. Way more than words. But I know God will be taking care of you for me. You said that prayers are very powerful. So that’s what I am doing now. Praying for you each and every day. Thank you Mum for everything you ever did. I know I will always be indebted to you. But please, pretty please I want you to be my mother in every life I will get if the reincarnation truly does happen.

For those of you who are reading this. Love your mom endlessly. Because she’s the kind of person you’ll meet once in a lifetime. Pray for her health and wellness. And be good to her. Because Mom’s are truly the greatest gift from God.


What is eating the trees of Shimla? Part-2

What is eating the trees of Shimla? Part-2

So, do you remember how i said i’ll be back with more information about the climber which is exponentially growing in the trees of Shimla? Here i am with more information that the climbers which are seen in the trees of Pine, Cedrus and Deodar are basically of two types:– One is Hedra helix and the other is Vitis spp.  They are basically saprophytic as well as parasitic in nature. There main source of nutrition is the trees themselves and with the help of this nutrition they complete their life cycle like flowering and giving rise to fruits etc. They can be 2-4 inches thick or may be more.

We tried finding more about these climbers which led us to the officials. Although the officials were full of their opinions, which is perfectly fine. Acc. to one of them these climbers are a major problem to the forests of Shimla and should be eradicated as soon as possible. They are willing to provide us their cooperation by providing us as much help as they can. While others simply said that, these climbers are not a severe issue as there are issues that needs more priority than this. They said that the climbers are the part of the natural forest ecosystem, so they are there for a reason. There is no need to chop them off as they are doing what they are suppose to do and since they are saprophytes they can derive their nutrition even from the bark. The rest of the officials said that they don’t know if any sort of research has been done or not? So nothing can be assumed,1442149204169 1442149217782 1442149208493which i think is true because we cannot make things an issue if they seriously are not.

What i think is okay the climbers are not causing any sort of major problem to the trees, but if they aren’t then how can they grow so exponentially?

Secondly i feel like these climbers must be obstructing the sunlight disrupting the process of photosynthesis.

Since there has been no research done till now on these climbers, we cannot say anything if they are a problem or not?

What do you guys think? Are they dangerous to our forests or not?

Have you seen one of the longest slide in Himachal Pradesh ?

Have you seen one of the longest slide in Himachal Pradesh ?

Hey readers, recently I went to this awesome park near Shiv Baudi in Summerhill. The morning sunrise peaks from the tall trees of pine and deodar and gives it a magnificent glow. There are number of swings so that the children can enjoy them and can even study there with the pleasant sound of nature humming like a lullaby. It is so peaceful over there. The coolest part of the park was the 15 ft. long slide, making it one of the longest slide in Himachal Pradesh. The locals contributed a lot to build the park seeing the issue of children being more involved in video games rather than enjoying outdoor games or admiring the greatest gift of Mother Earth “Our Nature”. This is a huge step for teaching the kids about the importance of health and environment. The visit became more awesome when I saw how rich the biodiversity is. There were beautiful rare birds too. 20150912_114443 20150912_114532

Again I would be sharing some pictures I clicked there for you to look at it, so that you can visit it whenever you want to.You can also see more pics on the link below. I am sure you would be as happy as i was after visiting there.

Hello world!

Hello world!

What is it that is eating the trees of Shimla?

The trees of Shimla are the heart and soul of Shimla. The fresh air we breathe and the feeling of calmness is all because of the immense diversity of trees here in Shimla. It is known for the coniferous and evergreen forests like Pine, Chir and Deodar. Although there have been a wooden climber which is growing rapidly and invading these trees, most of the trees suffering from this weed is losing its viability resulting in death of these trees. Most of the people here in Shimla aren’t very aware of this growing parasite but soon it would be consuming whole of the forest cover of Shimla. This plant parasite is in desperate need to be eradicated completely or we will be losing something which is so precious to us. So next time you see any of this woody climber in any tree just cut it out and you would be doing your bit in keeping Shimla as greener as it is. Even the tourists can participate in vanquishing this parasite because trees are what makes Shimla so beautiful and serene.
I would be sharing some photos of this woody climber too so you could easily identify them. I’d be updating what this climber is actually called and how does it grows that fast? Stay tuned. Cut it as soon as you see it please for forests and for yourself.