What is it that is eating the trees of Shimla?

The trees of Shimla are the heart and soul of Shimla. The fresh air we breathe and the feeling of calmness is all because of the immense diversity of trees here in Shimla. It is known for the coniferous and evergreen forests like Pine, Chir and Deodar. Although there have been a wooden climber which is growing rapidly and invading these trees, most of the trees suffering from this weed is losing its viability resulting in death of these trees. Most of the people here in Shimla aren’t very aware of this growing parasite but soon it would be consuming whole of the forest cover of Shimla. This plant parasite is in desperate need to be eradicated completely or we will be losing something which is so precious to us. So next time you see any of this woody climber in any tree just cut it out and you would be doing your bit in keeping Shimla as greener as it is. Even the tourists can participate in vanquishing this parasite because trees are what makes Shimla so beautiful and serene.
I would be sharing some photos of this woody climber too so you could easily identify them. I’d be updating what this climber is actually called and how does it grows that fast? Stay tuned. Cut it as soon as you see it please for forests and for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Imagine a place without greenery- without trees! Esp the hilly regions where people flock for mental peace and a breath of clean and fresh air. Himachal has already been losing its forests to development and other human needs. The depleting forests are a cause of concern. The forests are a source of livelihood and directly or indirectly we all are dependent on them. Let’s save our trees and our forests which are so essential for us.


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