Hey readers, recently I went to this awesome park near Shiv Baudi in Summerhill. The morning sunrise peaks from the tall trees of pine and deodar and gives it a magnificent glow. There are number of swings so that the children can enjoy them and can even study there with the pleasant sound of nature humming like a lullaby. It is so peaceful over there. The coolest part of the park was the 15 ft. long slide, making it one of the longest slide in Himachal Pradesh. The locals contributed a lot to build the park seeing the issue of children being more involved in video games rather than enjoying outdoor games or admiring the greatest gift of Mother Earth “Our Nature”. This is a huge step for teaching the kids about the importance of health and environment. The visit became more awesome when I saw how rich the biodiversity is. There were beautiful rare birds too. 20150912_114443 20150912_114532

Again I would be sharing some pictures I clicked there for you to look at it, so that you can visit it whenever you want to.You can also see more pics on the link below. I am sure you would be as happy as i was after visiting there.


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