So, do you remember how i said i’ll be back with more information about the climber which is exponentially growing in the trees of Shimla? Here i am with more information that the climbers which are seen in the trees of Pine, Cedrus and Deodar are basically of two types:– One is Hedra helix and the other is Vitis spp.  They are basically saprophytic as well as parasitic in nature. There main source of nutrition is the trees themselves and with the help of this nutrition they complete their life cycle like flowering and giving rise to fruits etc. They can be 2-4 inches thick or may be more.

We tried finding more about these climbers which led us to the officials. Although the officials were full of their opinions, which is perfectly fine. Acc. to one of them these climbers are a major problem to the forests of Shimla and should be eradicated as soon as possible. They are willing to provide us their cooperation by providing us as much help as they can. While others simply said that, these climbers are not a severe issue as there are issues that needs more priority than this. They said that the climbers are the part of the natural forest ecosystem, so they are there for a reason. There is no need to chop them off as they are doing what they are suppose to do and since they are saprophytes they can derive their nutrition even from the bark. The rest of the officials said that they don’t know if any sort of research has been done or not? So nothing can be assumed,1442149204169 1442149217782 1442149208493which i think is true because we cannot make things an issue if they seriously are not.

What i think is okay the climbers are not causing any sort of major problem to the trees, but if they aren’t then how can they grow so exponentially?

Secondly i feel like these climbers must be obstructing the sunlight disrupting the process of photosynthesis.

Since there has been no research done till now on these climbers, we cannot say anything if they are a problem or not?

What do you guys think? Are they dangerous to our forests or not?

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